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The Yorba Linda Gospel Ensemble

This ministry began as a small group in April of 1993 at a church in Yorba Linda, CA under the direction of Sylvia Cotton. This group of "amateur" singers outgrew the ministries of that church and began answering "the call" to minister to the outlying communities, counties and states. They competed and won 1st place in 1998 in an annual local Southern California competition (the McDonald's Gospelfest) in Los Angeles, a feat that earned them extensive exposure.


One of the highlights of their ministries include appearing at such venues as Anaheim's Disneyland Theme Park and the Bobby Jones' Gospel Explosion television show. This group has been featured in (and have hosted) numerous events, concerts, conferences (with the Los Angeles Chapter and GMWA), festivals, and have participated in events supporting private, local and national causes (i.e., American Cancer Society, Habitat For Humanity, The American Red Cross).


They have been blessed to receive many honorable mentions and awards along the way from community groups, businesses and organizations and notable California political leaders (governors, senators, and city officials).

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