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Robin Tucker

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Robin Tucker

Pastor Robin Tucker has worked tirelessly alongside her husband, Pastor Walter R. Tucker, III, to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ in their ministry at Truth and Love Christian Church in Carson, California.  Pastor Robin is a major part of Truth and Love Church’s success because she wears many hats. She is the head of the Women’s and Music ministries, co-chair of the Marriage Enrichment and Counseling ministries, and co-creator of the church’s Business Network Ministry that empowers Christian Businesses throughout the community to network with one another.  In addition, she serves as the church’s Chief Financial Officer.

As former First Lady of Compton and First Lady of the 37th Congressional District, Pastor Robin has always been regarded as one being in a position of service to others--not just possessing a title for others to serve her.   She is a product of Compton High School, Compton College and CSU at Dominguez Hills, a tangible example of a local girl.  Amid her busy schedule, she manages to care for her family and spend quality time with her mother, husband, siblings, adult children and  grandchildren.

Pastor Robin’s life is dedicated to God.  She is sold out for God and is always looking to go higher in the things of God.  She believes that her work is never done, that she must keep pressing forward, letting her light so shine so that others in this dark and dying world will know that they can make it.  Her work and labor of love toward Christ will carry on 'til the end of her life, or until Jesus returns.  This, she feels,  is her honor.

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