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The Sylvia Cotton Singers

Paige Petes      Pamela Davis         Allan Cason        Sylvia Cotton

The Sylvia Cotton Singers are a local Southern California ministry having served extensively for two decades under the direction of Sylvia Cotton.  They have been involved in ministries showcased at numerous churches of all denominations (large and small), venues from Disneyland to the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles to performing as a special guest with the Inland Valley Symphony in Temecula, CA.  Aside from performances ranging from restaurants to malls, at festivals, corporate business/social meetings, parties and conventions, The Sylvia Cotton Singers have been awarded distinct awards.  They have also had the honor of being featured artists at national conventions, in commercials, on local and national television and on compilation CD's.

This 4-voice ensemble is unparalleled in exceptional style with their complex, multi-layered melodies and harmonies. This style, interlocked with individually-shared passion and love for Jesus Christ, generates an unbelievable attraction to their music innovatively created to minister deep in the hearts and souls of men, women and children from all walks of life.

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