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Sylvia Cotton is a seasoned music ministry professional with 47  years of extensive experience as a chief performer, director, producer, and administrator.  She is a national and world-wide award-winning and Billboard World Song Contest honorable-mention songwriter and soloist, having produced eight (10) independent albums to her credit and having worked with and developed at least a dozen different choirs throughout southern California and the Pacific Northwest.  Sylvia has produced and directed hundreds of concerts, with appearances at 1000+ programs, services, festivals and special events both locally and throughout other states.   She's had the privilege of working, directing, and holding Minister of Music positions with numerous Orange County churches and choirs, training many different musicians in performance ministry.  


The music Sylvia has written and directed has been featured and performed for many parishioners, congregants and worshippers, as well as label executives, agents, and promoters.  Some of her original music has been distributed and published worldwide including CD projects, "Somewhere There Is SomeOne," "It Was More Than A Silent Night," "SpeakTo Me" and "Won’t It Be Great?" by The Sylvia Cotton Singers, the project of her gospel choir, The Yorba Linda Gospel Ensemble, solo artist Judy Grell, Amy Marie Cheema  ("Looking Up To Him" and "Gift Box"), gospel artist, Keith Pringle, and the music of Truth & Love Christian Church of Carson, CA (Robin Tucker & Nedra Cooper), have enjoyed extensive national airplay on many radio stations and has received much critical acclaim and review. 

Sylvia received formal training and is an alumna of CSULA, Biola University, and Boise State University, with proficiency in both voice and piano and received scholarships to study both.  She also has experience in private consulting, implementing workshops and seminars, appearing at local and national conferences and retreats, performing at sporting events and corporate functions, and completing work on television and radio.  


Sylvia currently owns and is Chief Executive Officer of COTTON MINISTRIES , an independent Christian record label and music publishing company of which she manages the professional music careers of the artists on her roster.    She also owns and manages CMPROSTUDIOS (Cotton Ministries Professional Recording Studios), her recording studio where her ministries' projects are recorded and produced. 


But beyond all this, Sylvia has a committed personal relationship with Jesus Christ with a clear calling by the Holy Spirit for ministry.  She has a daily walk with the Lord, and is undeniably aware of His hand in her endeavors and talents.

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