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About Us

This Christian ministry, the concept of Sylvia Cotton, took shape in 2001 and is based on Orange County, CA.  It was created to be a vehicle used to support and manage several  professional ministries.

In the beginning, Cotton Ministries' role was to manage the album projects and ministries of its various artists.  Now, its role has been expanded to become an entity that would adequately service each talent (artist management, music publishing, professional recordings, and productions).

Artist Management serves as the medium for monitoring the personal and professional growth of each artist; Music Publishing, the catalyst for which the music of its songwriters with (and outside) the company would be fostered and furthered; CMPROStudios, a means of even furthering God's love via professionally recorded audio; and CM Productions, the vehicle through which each artist and ministry would be showcased.

Mission Statement

With a roster of incredible talent, experience and commitment, Cotton Ministries seeks to lay down stones creating new pathways, fulfill God's calling never to be satisfied with half-measures, be pliable in God's hands, and to travel the road less traveled, bringing you unreservedly before the throne of God. We are committed to God first, submitting and surrendering the talents given us for the advancement of His kingdom. And we are confident that in doing so, our labor is not in vain.
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