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Amy Marie Cheema

March 2008 (written by Amy Marie Cheema; produced by Sylvia Cotton)

Judy Grell

March 2015 Single (written by Sylvia Cotton)

Nedra Cooper

Released June 12, 2020 (written by Sylvia Cotton)
NEW CD RELEASE - (8/1/20) 
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This CD is a fundraising effort of Truth & Love Church in Southern CA. 
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Sylvia Cotton 

Christmas Single 2016 (written by Sylvia Cotton)

"That We Would Know" feat. The Sylvia Cotton Singers from their 2016 Christmas CD Project, It Was More Than A Silent Night.  

(written by Sylvia Cotton)

 Sylvia's 2017 Christmas RELEASE (written by Sylvia Cotton)

NEWEST RELEASE of Sept. 15, 2018 -- (written by Sylvia Cotton)                                                DOWNLOAD NOW!!!

The Sylvia Cotton Singers

Christmas 2016 CD (written by Sylvia Cotton)
April 2016 Single feat. Keith Pringle (written by Sylvia Cotton)
Christmas 2014 CD (written by Sylvia Cotton)
March 2oo8 CD (written by Sylvia Cotton)

The Yorba Linda Gospel Ensemble

Released in 2020 (written by Sylvia Cotton)
August 2015 Single (written by Sylvia Cotton)


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